Since its establishment, ATUS architects has always pursued a human-centered staff policy. In this regard, we invest in human resources and prioritize the educational and developmental activities of our staff. We create designs in a harmonious, peaceful and productive working environment, in which every individual is an inseparable part of the team. We have a merit-based responsibility and payment system and an institutional vision that enhances loyalty.



      • Is to hire qualified labour force that has the required knowledge and skills for the job.
      • To create an effective communication and motivation environment where the personnel can use their creativity and potentials and express their ideas freely.
      • To create ‘Institutional Culture and Awareness’ by satisfying the staff’s social and cultural needs.
      • To recruit the talents that will realize the job perfection and development.
      • To evaluate the performance objectively using common criteria and principles.
      • To build corporative fund of knowledge and institutional memory with the help of competent personnel


We are in search of a construction technician who will work on architectural projects as a part of our team at our office in Çankaya. Required skills:

  • Eager to learn
  • Predisposed to teamwork
  • Responsible
  • Disciplined and well-organized
  • With a college degree,
  • Resident of Ankara 
  • Competent user of AutoCAD and Microsoft Office


Resume (Just upload the PDF or Word file.)