The Project area, allocated for the new campus of Bayburt University, is near the Erzurum - Erzincan intercity highways and the current campus, which is at the north-west of the city centre. The area is about 1230 decares.

The current elevation difference is 144 meters.  Regarding the average elevation values, the campus is divided into 3 parts. 1st region is the main area of construction where educational, administrative and cultural units are located. 2nd region includes development areas. At the 3rd region there are recreational areas.

In order to diminish the negative effects of vehicle’s traffic on the pedestrians’ transportation, Rad-Burn System, in which vehicles’ traffic goes around the campus perimeter and a central pedestrian alley forms the spine of the campus, has been opted for. Prior to the design of pedestrian ways, time analysis has been made and a building settlement with a dynamic perspective, which develops by being articulated to the main alley and where people can walk without getting bored has been projected. Considering the elevation and cold climate conditions; pedestrians coming from the alley are directed to a social tunnel, which is connected to the current campus. The campus is organized according to the building and function hierarchy by zoning technique; thus the devised master plan has been made long-termed, flexible and improvable. The university is designed to satisfy the city’s cultural, social and economic needs, to develop by creating organic bonds with the city and to be the locomotive of the city as the most innovative and foresighted institution of the region it stands on. At the front of the university that faces the city, cultural-administrative region, which integrates to the protocol square, has been positioned. Heliport, the other front that faces the city, with the festival area which has an entrance at the Erzincan Highway, allows safe -controlled passage and gathering – leaving in a short time. There is the green square, which satisfies the users’ psychological and physiological needs at all times, the first academical zone around the green area, the sports area where open sports areas and square are located, the reserve areas zone and the social zone that connects the two campuses of the university at the campus area. Turf runways, which are located regarding the topography and climate values, create sports alternatives for the users. At the highest point of the hill in the campus, a new generation vertical axis wind turbine, which functions as an icon for Bayburt city and the campus, has been located. At the upper part of the turbine, there is an observation terrace and a cafe. At the lower part it stands on, there is a chair lift connection station and an exhibition point.