Çorum municipality building is in Çorum city center. The building, with its massive and horizontally dominant posture, aims at being dominant on the area it stands as its functions require. The general appearance of the building emulates Seljukian Architecture with its frontal movements, floor mouldings and the usage of Seljukian star. The parcel of land it occupies is used in the design as a whole. The building and its surrounding are intended to reflect the same arcitectural style. The project is planned on two dimensions and the point these two dimensions intersect functions as the symmetry axis of the building. This intersection area is the protocol entrance, besides that there are two other entrances of the structure. At the ground floor of the structure, there are units for the use of the public. The units like administrative offices and meeting halls are located at the upper floors. The multi-purpose hall, municipality congress hall and dining hall are at the highest floor. The structure has approximately 30.000m2 of area of construction.