The structure located in Erzincan University campus is a culture-congress hall where activities like seminars, conferences, advertising, concerts and exhibitions can be held. The structures is formed in a hierarchical order and separated into three parts : conference hall, foyer and exhibition area and museum hall. The massive intensity is intended to be lightened by positioning more transparent exhibition and foyer areas between the two blocks. The project is composed of foyers functioning on three different elevations and volumes that open onto these foyers. It is possible to reach to the museum and other foyers from the main foyer. One can pass to the conference hall for 250 people and two other small halls for 75 people from the lower foyer. From the upper foyer one can reach to the secondary entrance of the hall and to the exhibition area, via steel bridges that are arranged as ramps. The museum is positioned to be reached from the outer areas too. The structure is on 13.000 m2 of construction area.